15 Really Funny Chinese and Thai Restaurant Names

For some reason, a lot of Asian restaurants tend to have hilarious names. Some are cleverly created puns while others just sound rude in the English language. Either way, having a funny name is one way to make your place stand out from the rest. Hope you enjoy this collection of 15 incredibly way out names: [...]

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21 of the Worst (but Amusing) Restaurant Names Ever

Oh my, what were they thinking! Some funny names are really creatively good, but others just make you want to cringe. Here’s a list with a mixed selection of not very tasty restaurant names to amuse you: Captain Poo’s The Golden Stool Bung Hole Poopsies The Golden Shower Dirty Dick’s Crab House Cabbages & Condoms [...]

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List of 20 Funny Punning Restaurant Names

One of the best ways to create a good restaurant name that will get people’s attention and make them remember it is to use a clever pun. Here are 20 really witty names of existing restaurants that we love: Lettuce Eat The Cod Father Tequila Mockingbird Pita Pan Life of Pie Amy’s Winehouse Planet of [...]

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The Pros and Cons of a Funny Restaurant Name

With so many other businesses to compete against, restaurants need as many ways to attract customers as possible, and one of the more effective methods to get noticed is to have a funny name. It may not necessarily tell people about how special or tasty your food is, but it will almost definitely grab their [...]

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